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    I was having a moment or (several) to myself during extended lunch break today and decided to work out the highest points that I have taken my ZX6R to.

    So bear in mind I live 4 miles from Birmingham city centre which is 140 metres above sea level… Here are the HIGH-lights!

    At number Seven… The Cat and Fiddle A giant 520 metres above sea level! One of the highest points in England.


    At number Six… Campan Our French base during our trip, at 629 metres above sea level.


    Here we go…….

    At number Five… Gotthard Pass During my first trip to Europe at 2106 metres above sea level


    At number Four… Col du Tourmalet Our most recent jaunt into mainland Europe tops 2116 metres above sea level


    At number Three… Fluela Pass Our first trip to Europe results in a snowball fight at 2383 metres above sea level


    At number Two… The Furka Pass THE best road I have ever had the privilege of riding at a dizzy 2429 metres above sea level!


    At number One… The Stelvio Pass As good as Top Gear makes out it is at a carburettor power sapping 2757 metres above sea level, my ZX6 wouldn’t pull away unless I was idling over 6K RPM.



    Interesting take on things, surprised the Col du Tourmalet only came in at number 4. I wonder how high the rides I did in 2007 to Aosta and 2008 in Spain were


    Great idea Champs. Could you do a follow up with the lowest points you have taken your bikes to? Buried in 2ft of mud at the BMX perhaps?  :D


    My short but busy biking life has had many low points, mentally and physically! :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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