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    This just goes to prove that they are only interested in the revenue…. Where are the petitions?

    Devices used by drivers to detect speed cameras are to be banned it emerged today.
    The gadgets have been installed in 100,000 cars in Britain as motorists seek to combat the huge rise in roadside cameras. The measure, to be included in the forthcoming road safety Bill, is expected to impose a fine of up to £1,000 plus a maximum of six penalty points to any driver caught using the device.
    According to Department of Transport papers, the ban will apply to “the carriage of devices that either actively inhibit the proper function of a speed camera or detect the presence of functioning speed cameras [as opposed to dummy housings]”.
    In effect, the new rules mean that GPS- based systems that alert drivers to the presence of cameras will remain legal but those that distinguish between sites that are active and those without film are outlawed.
    The measure also closes a loophole that let some drivers jam the police’s mobile laser speed cameras using devices that are primarily designed to communicate with domestic systems such as automatic garage doors.

    If i’d have known they were going to be outlawed, I would have doubled the price of my Snooper.

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