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    Star Wars fans around the world are coming together on the internet to construct a real-life version of the film’s Millennium Falcon spacecraft.

    Conceived by a US fan in Nashville, Tennessee, the Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project aims to use the internet to crowd-source efforts to build the famous ship, which will be adorned with all the trimmings aside from a working engine.

    With the help of an intricately designed 3D model created by college student Stinson Lenz, a project contributor in Alabama has already erected the console of the craft as well as one of its two laser guns.

    Project founder Chris Lee has purchased an 88-acre (35-hectare) plot of land in Tennessee on which the ship will sit.

    He intends to use the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” as a place to hold workshops for students who wish to learn to weld, paint or build.

    The BBC’s Matt Danzico visited Mr Lee in Tennessee and another contributor, Greg Dietrich, in Alabama.

    Video clip and source:


    Jealous! Me want one!


    Is it me, or does the wife/partner of the one bloke in the film bear more than a passing ressemblance to a certain rebel princes??


    lol thought that too…. if you cant beat ’em, join ’em :D


    Likes it!

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