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    Hi all.  Please bear with me while I do some final testing on the site redesign I have been working on.  The idea is that the redesign is ‘responsive’, eg that it works cleanly on all devices from mobiles and tablets through to laptops and desktop PCs.

    Let me know in this thread if you have any issues please and on what device or screen resolution if possible.

    Read on if you are a techy type:

    If you run Firefox, do a CTRL + Shift + M and you’ll see what I mean and the multitude of devices that we need to cater for. Drag the handles on the side to change the simulated screen size or select a preset from the dropdown. You should see the items on the screen change their layout for mobile.


    Good to see the site continuing to evolve, cheers for all the hard work put into doing it

    Couple of points

    1. Make the colour for new posts more obvious
    2. Make it more clear how to reply to posts and start new ones

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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