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    Snow White and the seven dwarfs go on holiday to Rome, the Pope gets to hear and being a big fan he asks the dwarfs to come and visit him in the Vatican. During the visit Dopey asks the Pope. “Do you have any dwarfs nuns in the Vatican?” With this the other six dwarfs start laughing, “No my child,” replies the Pope. “Well do you have any dwarf nuns in Italy?” Dopey asks. The other six dwarfs are now in near hysterics. “No my child, we do not,” answers the Pope. Dopey then asks, “Well is there any dwarf nuns anywhere in the world?” “No my child,” the Pope responds, “we do not have any dwarf nuns anywhere within the church.” With this the other six dwarfs start chanting, “Dopey shagged a penguin, Dopey shagged a penguin.”

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