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    Motogymkhana is the name of the game this time….

    GP8s and a mini gymkhana course with some other games too on the Saturday then the proper Motogymkhana event over at Kempton Park on the Sunday.

    One of our chaps has had to pull out so we actually have a space available for anyone with a road legal bike (don’t matter what engine size), that is over 18 and holds a full bike licence. If any of you fancy it, I know its a long way but I can put you up for the night and possibly even get you and your bike there in my van from mine or meet you there. It is only £25 and is a proper giggle as well as a great test of your biking skills!    If you want to go let me know and I will give you the details.

    I really can’t wait for this event as it is somit I would like to get in to in the future if I am able :-)


    It would be fun on my 125, but a bit too far to travel. Hope you find some takers and look forwrd to reading about on here.

    Good luck! You have the hopes of Team Yamaha rding on your shoulders!


    will update this with a race report from a rather sloshed Stafford after my interview tomoz and throughout the rest of the week.

    All I can say right now is What a bloody good weekend! :-)


    Would love to have a go but my back hurts when I sit on the office chair  :o  I know why you like this bit though Pete, I could watch this for hours:




    This last one is a bit cheesy (unless you like bimbos and Ferraris that is) – the riding starts at 2:44 but it’s very impressive:


    It’s a different riding style for the Moto Gymkhana agility trials and the ones who are good at it seem to have a similar technique.


    I shall share the race reports from our other competitors. The first here is from Staff, he sees things from a lil different perspective at times! ;-)

    After action report 476 Delta (That’s delta for Mushroom)
    Dateline: 27th April 2013
    Place: County Oak Way, Crawley
    Reason: 125Hundreds race series ……. part 2
    Extension to the fact: Messing around on silly bikes but with a moderate degree of skill (or not)
    So, this is my first report for the 125Hundreds, those of you who don’t know me probably do not know me, but that’s not really relevant.
    So, this Weekend is the gymkhana events, Saturday was to be a warmup and scoring session for Sunday when everyone was heading to Kempton Park (alas I will not be joining this event due to my boss being ever so slightly twisted).
    At 14:00 which is how pilots and other people who travel in tubes at two o’clock we met at the rally point, of the 463 contestants alas only 3.75 turned up, the list of entrants was a follows:
    Peter O’Connor (1 person)
    Matt Barter (1 person)
    Stafford Vance (1 person )
    Catherine the sheep herder (Half a person as non combative)
    Stitch the cool Hound (quarter of a Person)
    All other contestants either: had broken bikes, were dead or had dead relatives who were returning to life and eating people, they were missed but alas some things weren’t meant to be.

    The day consisted of the following events:

    Round 1. GP8

    Standard fare here, starting point followed by 5 figure of eights ending in a triumphant finish, Matt was the first to go with a great round, though I won’t mention his practice of the slalom where his front boingers bottomed out resulting in a Zebedee esque near exit from his bike. Again Mr O’Connor had a good round with no mishaps. Myself…well this was my first time doing GP8 and things didn’t go to plan, basically I fell awf, eve so all entrants set a time. {Note: all times will be posted by the O’Connor after Sundays event}












    The vid for this didn’t come out properly.

    Round 2. GP8 with slalom

    Again a good clean round but this time with no falling off, once again Matt started us off on a course that looked to me more like a noodle recepie ha a mapped course (ot good at instructions you see) all entrants finished a clear round (or two) but were then called to time by the malicious call centre harpy in the building next door who for some reason did not appreciate, bikes, people, noise, the smell of two stoke burned petrol, the sun, of weight watchers, so WE being the gallant sorts we are relocated to another part of the estate to avoid her malicious rants.


    Round 3. Go slow

    15 meter course with all entrants side by side, the plan, go as slowly as possible, last one to cross the line is the winner……different huh? All three mighty steeds lined up opon the start line and Catherine counted us down………..and …..the …..race……..began……..we all set off as slowly as we could, results will be posted tomorrow…..awesome event though, the battle of wills between Pete and Matt was almost biblical as neither would allow themselves to put a foot down.


    Round 4. Go fast

    Simple, using the same lanes we had in the snail race of ultimate slowness we had our first true and utter race event, that it boys and girls, this event would see every bike reach it’s limits of pure performance this was about daring and bravery to turn your throttle to the max for the whole 15 meter course.

    I set the camera up accross the finish line but it has way too much nothing on it so have not bothered uploading it. Will try and sort out a better way of filming the drag races for next time! :-)

    Round 5. Carry water in a plastic cup and don’t drop any.

    The idea simple, ride through a 5 point slalom and a predefined 180o radius then back to the finish, BUT carrying a pint of water, the winner would be the one who a) had the most water left. b) didn’t explode and c) didn’t destroy the course. Pete and Matt went for the glass in the hand approach, which for Pete in particular was awesome as his bike only works at 78,400rpm so opted for a rolling push start…..I chose the class in the mouth approach but realised that my turning circle is that of a really unwieldy radish. The results were indeed surprising.












    Round 6. If you can do a trick then you are practicaly a god.

    So the final session of the day, do something awesome, cool or that you have never done before on a bike, Matt was right on this, with sitting on his tank, standing on the saddle riding side saddle, riding while wrestling a sealion and many other things that the pictures will show, though he did fall off while trying to do something, but all was good as he wasn’t hurt and it looked cool, plus we got another broken bit for the statue. Pete , obviously fuelled by Matt’s success decided the only way forward was in fact….backwards, so he tried to ride his steed in reverse….this did not work, so Matt took him backwards on his bike, the picture can tell more than i ever can.

    We then entered a round of Wheelies and stoppies, Matt performed brilliantly as always and perfected both brilliantly, Pete was off chatting to a friend who rolled up in their Defender but recruited another one to the cause and I fell off trying to do a stoppie….gravity really is an unhumorous arse.















    Round 7. are we all still alive?

    Yes, yes we were, there were several accidents through the day but they were fun accidents, the kind of thing where you tel your kids “Yes, I did fall of that fateful day, but only because I was too good or my balance was too good for gravity to understand”
    All in all fantastic day, fantastic people and the most fun i’ve had in ages.

    Note: The Sealion thing wasn’t real.

    Note 2: Never jetwash your mothers decking without shoes.


    Not sure why the youtube links are no longer embedding? Can someone have a play with them and try and fix them for me please? :-)

    Will post up day 2 of the second round when the vids have uploaded :-)


    Videos fixed, you need to click on the ‘Share’ button in YouTube and enclose that URL in the YouTube tags.

    I hate stoppies as much as I hate riding backwards so much respect for trying both of those. Brilliant fun Pete and lots of good pics/vids. Nice write up Staffi!


    cheers dude :-)

    Swindon Andy

    Brilliant! ‘They’ should put this on telly instead of F1.


    This is Matt’s write up of day 2 of Round 2:

    125 Hundreds Event 2 Day 2: – Moto Gymkhana
    Attendees Matt, Pete, Iain, Greg, Tom. (And lots of others at the event)

    This event is something I personally have been looking forward to trying since I heard about it a few years ago. And doubly so since I messed up at a chance to have a go at the exel bike show a couple of years ago.
    So with the bike hastily repaired following the previous days silliness me and Pete set off to Kempton Park early to get a look and this craziness that is Moto Gymkhana! (MG)

    As we arrive at Kempton we park up by the GP8’s and we go and have a look to see how everyone is getting on and see how we fair against a sizeable competition! We are greeted with a Giant Victory Motorcycle attempting to master the cones – (see Pete’s vid) he did remarkably well – quite graceful but not exactly quick. We wander around and get a feel for the rest of the site set up – checking out a few of the riders who seem to be looking good on the courses.
    Before we knew it – it was time for our briefing – Iain, Greg and Tom arrived shortly before – sadly with only one bike between them. So we agree to bike swap where possible and we all should get a good go.

    Chase Section
    This was to be our introduction to MG proper. We were set off one at a time behind an instructor who led us around the course – a narrow weave into a wide weave – then opens up through a couple of gates then into a weave again then park up at the back of queue – we did this exercise a few times to build up an understanding of the pylon colours then on to the next exercise.



    This is something that we have set up and done before on our own – but this is the first time on a high grip piece of tarmac rather than wet bricks and with someone who actually knows the rules and has set the course properly.
    Round one.
    I confidently went first and soon found the limit of lean consistently grounding out on both turns
    Pete went next and looked pretty sharp.
    Iain was clearly trying and it was evident by the fact that his front wheel was trying to tuck under the bike
    Greg rode my bike and looked smooth and in control
    Tom tried but I think his lack of recent riding was slowing him down but still gave it his best shot
    Round 2
    Pete went first and attacked the course with gusto he looked much sharper and had the bike turning in a much neater fashion and set what was to be the fastest time of all three rounds
    I went next and tried to improve my time concentrating on getting more power down driving out of each corner – I did improve by 2 seconds but ultimately remained a second behind Pete
    Iain Greg and Tom were largely the same I think all improving a little.


    Final chance to improve…….
    Pete did a good job once more but ended up a fraction slower than the previous round
    I did improve once more but not enough to beat Pete’s 2nd round time ending up half a second behind.
    Iain looked smoother experimenting with body position to help improve his corner speed.
    Greg was smooth and fast – had he been on his own bike he may have been the one to beat.
    Tom was getting it but was at a bit of a disadvantage to the rest of us.


    So Pete Won – with me second and Iain third and Greg Fourth and Tom fifth just getting the hang of it.

    On to the Final round of the weekend……
    Full Moto Gymkhana course!

    So after another briefing we walk the course – an opportunity to learn the layout before you have to ride it – walking around the course in ill fitting bike gear is not the most comfortable thing to do but it was a good opportunity to get a feel for how to attack the course.

    I was setting off behind Pete so I could watch him for the first few seconds before it was my turn to start – He blasts away in a cloud of sweet smoke – I watch him buzz his way up the course and soon realise I should be concentrating on what I am about to do! – I line my bike up on the start line pointing towards the first obstacle and am told to start when ready – head off out on to the course and nearly go wrong on the second pylon approaching it to shallow as if to go the wrong side of it – I correct myself but then that sets me up badly for the rest of the weave through the cones. As I approach the next obstacle the bike it revving out I go for the next gear only to find neutral and by the time I react I need to be back in first gear – no doubt time lost there – up to the top of the course I manage to find second but only for a moment then back to first to draw an X in the box out of this obstacle and in to the sequence of roundabouts – I get another neutral bang the bike back into first I decide to not change gear anymore for the remaining bit of the course. A little swerve right and left and back into the finishing box. I feel I have given it my best shot as a first attempt and the time is respectable and faster than a lot of the bigger bikes that day – however in that one stint it is apparent to me that the low top speed in first gear and rubbish gear changes were going to hinder any large improvement in time.
    I get off and go and see Pete – He has beaten me by 6 seconds i’m not surprised the bit of the run I saw he looked quick – but its difficult to gauge against your self.
    With Iain following me I did not see his run nor did I see Greg and Toms run either. – Can anybody fill in the blanks here?


    One last chance to improve…..
    Pete blasted off in front of me once more – I learnt that I now needed to concentrate on what I was doing – and indeed I did – a much better start and middle section but the neutral reared its head once more as I came out of the cross box the rest of the run went well and I saw a 2sec improvement on my time. Pete remained consistent with a 1min 18 time, but clipped a cone so his first time remained his best. I did catch the end of Iains run and he did very well but made a mistake at the last cone and went right round it rather than just turning right which may have cost him the competition as his time was right behind mine. Once again I did not see Greg or Toms Run.


    And on bike with Pete:


    To Sum up
    Moto Gymkhana FTW!
    Its great – I’d love to do it again as part of the 125hundreds – but even more so on a more suitable bike!


    Round 2 Scores on the Doors:

    Event 1 GP8s:
    1st Place Matt
    2nd Place Pete
    3rd Place Staff

    Event 2 Slalom-GP8-Slamlom:
    1st Place Matt
    2nd Place Pete
    3rd Place Staff

    Event 3 Slow Race:
    1st Place Pete
    2nd Place Matt
    3rd Place Staff

    Event 4 Drag Race:
    1st Place Staff
    2nd Place Matt
    3rd Place Pete

    Event 5 Did You Spill My Pint:
    1st Place Pete
    2nd Place Matt
    3rd Place Staff

    Event 6 Stunts:
    1st Place Matt
    2nd Place Staff
    3rd Place Iain
    4th Place Pete

    Event 7 GP8s:
    1st Place Pete
    2nd Place Matt
    3rd Place Gregg
    4th Place Iain
    5th Place Tom

    Event 8 Motogymkhana:
    1st Place Pete
    2nd Place Matt
    3rd Place Iain
    4th Place Gregg
    5th Place Tom

    This gives the total scores and therefore placings for round 2 as:

    1st Place with 51 Points – Matt
    2nd Place with 49 Points – Pete
    3rd Place with 33 Points – Staff
    4th Place with 14 Points – Iain
    5th Place with 9 Points – Gregg
    6th Place with 6 Points – Tom


    Total Points for both rounds:

    Matt         20 51        –    71
    Pete         21 49        –    70
    Staff           4 33        –    37
    Iain         20 14        –    34
    Gregg 18   9        –    27
    Tom           0   6        –      6


    Great reviews and videos too, not watched them all yet, will catch up in due course. But in the one I have looked at so far you look well on the ball Pete and RXS sounded lovely and crisp.

    I bet my 125 would be fun for this.


    Very, very funny. The water hold event looks properly difficult!


    Matt went first on that round so I knew I just had to get a clear round and I’d beat him, Staff’s thinking outside the box allowed him to keep both hands on the controls but his lil moto isn’t as nimble as it should be (although did win the drag race) so he hit a cone and he lost more water than both Matt and myself :D

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