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    Swindon Andy

    I’ve realised my Trophy makes a lot of wind noise at the helmet (the one on my head).
    If I duck behind the screen, or stand on the pegs, it’s a lot quieter.

    I think I already have a slightly taller flip screen, but my mate’s is even taller. In my normal position my eye line is about 120mm above the top of the screen. I will try his screen for size one day, but in the meantime are the add-on deflectors any good? Will either make the bike look naff?

    I’m not inclined to get a low screen as I’ve been out a few times in the cold, and really didn’t get cold at all – unusual for me.

    All comments welcome.


    Sorry Andy, missed this post by a few months!

    Never had experience with wind deflectors apart from one flip screen I installed years ago. I put it on for the same reasons you mention. Made it a lot easier to tour on the bike but looked a bit naff compared to the original.

    Did you sort this out?

    Swindon Andy

    Quite a coincidence – I’ve been playing with screens today.
    I did get a taller flip screen for the winter. If I relax on the bike I’m looking through it, but if I sit up straight I look over it. Definitely quieter, and keeps the wind off. But I don’t really like it.
    So, for the good weather, I decided to cut down the original screen, I took about 10cm off the height. I tried it today but it’s still noisy on the helmet. I then tried 70mph without any screen at all. Quite a push in the chest from the airstream, but at last the helmet buffeting seems to have gone.
    So next I’m going to cut this one down to leave just a vestigial screen, see how that works out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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