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    Anybody else watch this? Bunch of bikers made a sand buggy this week.

    Donate – it makes you feel good!


    yep saw that one as well.

    Liked the V8 Carlton better

    Donut – I mean DONATE!



    Some of the stuff they knock up in that program is amazing not sure i’d want to have a go on some it though.

    Sleep is no substitute for caffeine [:)]


    Missed the program [:(] but think I can get hold of a tape [:D]

    Was it any good?


    Well worth watching. The Bikers won this weeks challenge in their VW based sand buggy. The plod came last again!
    The V8 ice cream van is cool (pardon the lousy pun).
    Did you remember this week Hoolie?

    Donate – it makes you feel good!

    GSX Rat

    I remembered but i was a little disappointed, i mean what was the point of building different types of car to attatch a giant bow to? They could have done that to anything, i thought the point of the last series was to build a multi purpose vehicle. Seems to me they are running out of ideas for the show

    And, WTF is that blue mini and the 3 numbskulls in that team all about????

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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