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    Safety campaign to target bikers

    A safety day is being held at Morecambe promenade
    A website is being launched to try and reduce the number of motorbike riders killed or injured on Cumbria roads.
    Cumbria Safety Cameras has set up the new interactive site, RideSafe BackSafe, which features a news section and links to other road safety sites.

    It is hoped bikers will log on and swap safety tips.

    The organisation is also holding a safety day at Morecambe promenade on Easter Sunday which will feature talks on hazard perception and speed.

    Kevin Tea, Cumbria Safety Cameras spokesman said: “In recent years Cumbria has had one of the lowest motorcycle fatality rates in the UK despite the large number of riders who come to the county each year.

    “However, given that neighbouring Lancashire had 22 biker deaths, we cannot afford to be complacent.”

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