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    0 to 60? Whenever
    Remember when you got your first bike? You probably saved hard from your Saturday job and couldn’t wait until you’d got your hands on the keys. Probably serviced and fixed it yourself. Then, you got older. You traded up. Probably bought something fast, Japanese and covered in plastic. Bet it was quick. But somehow you stopped enjoying riding quite so much. You only ride when it’s dry. You only ride on Sundays. You only ride on “fast” roads and you’ve stopped thinking “wonder what’s down that lane?” For a little more than a third of the price of a plastic-covered, mass produced bike you could be riding a modern classic motorcycle made from real metal. One you’ll want to go out and just ride; that’s reliable, cheap to insure and easy to work on. You can currently buy a brand new Bullet 350 Classic for just £1,995 on the road. OR CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENTER ROYAL ENFIELD UK

    They might have a point you know…

    I could murder a curry

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