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    If you ever have to ride on ice or snow, let some air out of your tyres to give you a larger tyre contact patch on the road.

    Oh and put a salt dispenser over your front wheel so you can salt the road as you go! (Sorry that one’s not real, I’m from Liverpool and it’s expected of me)[:D]


    Here’s an interesting question then. Had this argument with Thumper years ago about tyre width. He maintains that the skinnier the tyre the better. A narrow tyre for example will be better on snow than a wider tyre. I can see that, but also if you have 2 narrow tyres then they would be better than 1 narrow tyre. So put 2 narrow tyres together and you get a wide tyre!

    Anyone care to offer their arguments here?


    Grip is rare in this country.
    Ice + Snow = bad


    GSF K1

    Phone in work sick and dont bother trying to ride in snow or ice. I had to do it in my apprentice days.. both feet sticking out off the pegs just in case, and staying well inside the tyre tracks.. definitely not fun!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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