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    hello everyone new on here just posting this in hope that some one will wanna ride out with us on sundays from manchester to where ever we do this every sunday and everyone who can ride is welcome please get back to me on a email or pm me thanx a bunch ok while summer is here we might aswell take advantage of it seen as though we have been waitin all winter for it to come around oh well off on the bike again(can’t resist)


    Hi there and welcome. Your phone number was removed by a moderator, if you’re happy to put it up then please edit or reply to this post. Usually best to let people email or PM you via the site, cuts out the ‘idiot with free phone minutes’ factor. Hope you get some good rides in, quite a few up where you are on this forum.



    welcome to the bike forum manchesterzx6r


    Welcome to the forum, PM member Max he is in the Manchester area and goes for rides out with Gix and Poochick


    Hello mate and welcome to the forum.I live in Skelmersdale near Wigan and will no doubt be in touch…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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