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    Hi there im a new member, and a young one to boot at 17, i need your help! Currently i ride a bright blue scooter, and i think its time for an upgrade to a 125, what do you reccomend i look at?
    I need it cheap, because of the pittence i get paid, and very reliable as im only just working out the mechanical side to life.
    any help much appreciated!


    Is style a priority?

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    It is kinda, im part of the leather denim and chrome way of thinking, so “easy rider” style would be prefferable, but anything that has better speed, more respect and more weight so im not being swept by every passing breese.


    depending on your height i’d say go for a trailie style to start with as theyre easy to throw around and fun off road as well

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    Had a DT 125 LC myself a few years back,jacked the rear end a touch and loved it.Very rapid.Also played about on a RD 125 LC a good few times.
    You could always super-motad it by adding a set of road wheels.
    If its speed your after the Aprilia or the Cagiva are pretty good[:D]
    And easy rider style theres always the SR125 like I did my CBT on…………………….fecking aweful,but it had seen some abuse in its life[xx(]
    Take someone who knows a bit about bikes if you,re buying second-hand though as these learner bikes have nearly always enevitably been thrashed/abused in some shape or form[;)]

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    Yup DT125 gets my vote. Not the chrome look you are after but a great bike to cut your teeth on if you are fairly tall. Some 125’s look nice but plonk a tall rider on them and style goes out of the window!

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    Hiya ducky Welcome Lol!

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    DT = good call. If you want a cruiser style of bike, wait till u get a full licence and get something that looks the part.

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    I’d have a look at these:

    brand new bike for 500 quid!!

    looks like he has sold a few – couldn’t really go wrong at that price as long as you can get spares.

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    I have been looking for aceap bike too. Interesting stuff. Thanks Katana

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    Hiya Ducky. I learnt on an old style Honda 125 twin, but you cant get that anymore… (we’re talking 1987) the current Honda 125 is not rated too well… I have a copy of “Which Bike” from July where they road tested over 20 learner bikes. Why not see if you can get a copy as there was some interesting choices as well as the run of the mill stuff.

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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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