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    well you might say im a bit nuts! (and lets be honest you’d be right)
    but after today i have decided i love riding the bike in the rain!! was coming home from work and it hoicked it down!! missioning along with the rain beating onto me was awsome! i then decided to make it more fun!!!

    twisty roads up to my work so i thought… mmm wonder what happens if i do this!! just coming out of a corner, wound the throttle back hard and out steps the rear wheel in a spin! bit of control and we are on our way again! loved it! almost every corner on the way home! throttle, spin, correct!! amazing!!

    just thought id share that with you!!


    tis fun… have been a bit of a fair weather biker recently, but used to have so much fun! Bout time I man’d up and got my bike and leathers soggy [:D]


    Martin youre a spazz…some of us just fall off cos we are hard and just need to test this fact, whereas you try and fall off? if you drop your bike expect an immense amount of jokes to come your way, aswell as the 390348 sister jokes i crack per day

    CGR Bike Gear

    OMG think you have invented russian roulette for bikers!!

    As a none fair weather rider also I have had my fair share of downpours. I only have my bike so its ride or walk for me(no contest regardless of the rain). I can honestly say however that if it never rained again I would not miss it one iota. Fun, er….no md24v4 there is a fine line where bravery stops and stupidity begins. You may have found the defining moment there my fellow rider and I pray the cold rain brings you to your senses next time before the gravel rash certainly does. Thought you advocated “ride safe”? Even world class riders lose it some times in good conditions. Don’t take up deer hunting will you.


    I’ve never enjoyed biking in the rain, just can’t see the point if you have another option. That said, I won’t knock anyone who enjoys it!


    I have done thousands of miles in the wet, but the vast majority of it was in days when I had to ride all year. I understand the satisfaction that can be drawn from riding well in tricky conditions, but actively decide go out in the wet. I get my kicks in dry thank you very much!


    dont get me wrong i dont ride in the rain on purpose! but id rather know how to ride in the wet if i get caught out! so i thought i might as well make it a bit more fun! if i fall off i fall off! risk i gotta take! but i WONT be doing it on ice!! oh no! bike stays away! bit of fun tho!! i dont mind riding in the wet! its pretty hard to avoid in this country lets be fair!!!

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