Quick informal ride with Ses and Kat…great fun…pics!

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    I really needed this little impromtu gathering of the forum faithful…I have almost dropped out of the biking mood so bad has this summer been! So when Kat rolled up on his Blade shortly followied by Ses on his CBF I felt honour bound to blow the dust off the FZ and give the old girl an outing. I did 21 miles on it last month…21! In August!! Most of them were following my daughter at 30 mph on her recently acquired moped…

    We were all on a bit of a timetable and it was gone 4pm so we only did a short 22 mile round trip to the Bikers Cafe up at Quatt. We had a bit of a swap about, I rode Ses’s CBF there and Kats Blade on the way back, while Kat and Ses tried each others bikes too at various points.

    We had a bit of fun on the way there as we blew away a couple of lads on full sportsbikes (a KTM RC8, not sure what the other one was…SP2?)

    Not too many bikes at Quatt, but here a few pics of those that were…

    Rather tasty big zed…no GT750’s or trikes…I am in shock!

    Ses and Kat enjoying the sunshine

    SRAD Sheene tribute…not sure

    Rare colours, stupidly long end can.. I still want one

    MV, beautiful to look at while you wait for the AA

    Early R1 in the best colours fitted with conventional bars…odd

    We pulled in for a chat

    Great little blast, cheers to Ses and Kat for a blat on their bikes


    Was a brilliant and unexpected little ride that was loads of fun. Cheers guys


    Nice pics.  Looks like you squashed some flies Karl (or were they last years?).


    Great little impromptu run out and a chance to try a couple of new bikes – Those flies did not die in vain!

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