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    Went quad biking on a lads stag weekend. The place was P-Q-T over in Worcester and it was advertised as a quad ‘trek’. Marshalls take you out on dirt tracks which pass through fields for 2 sessions of about an hour or so each. Excellent fun, despite being told not to skid, slide or go too fast in the safety briefing. Think they knew we were all bikers after the first 5 minutes though [:D]

    For those of you who haven’t ridden quads, they handle fantastically but you can’t treat them like bikes. Cornering is a matter of leaning forward, turning the bars quickly, digging your elbow into your belly and letting the back end slide. At least that’s how you have fun cornering! Accelerator on the Honda 250’s we had was done by a lever under the right thumb. Rear brake is where the clutch is on a motorbike so good job they didn’t work very well or we’d have been braking on every gearchange.

    Highly recommended for a dirty day out.


    Can you tell me what price it was, my hubby’s birthday soon and I’d like to get him something like that.


    For every one of us it was about £40 if memory serves right. Here’s some pics:

    Ready for the off:


    Still ready but waiting for the pratt with the camera to get on his quad:


    Just back and well dirty, these quads throw up some rubbish (not that we tried to dirty the person behind at all). Nice hairnet Toggsy!


    That’s me in the denim jacket grinning profusely. Note the muddy goggles of the guy who was behind me. I can’t apologise enough for accidentally going into the puddles.


    Not much fun obviously


    All good friends who are not in the least competitive….



    Could be a good winter forum activity. Anybody up for it?

    I could murder a curry


    Lol ID sounds fun and looks fun. Wish I could go!

    I’m not riding fast, I’m just flying low. and please DONATE to this website

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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