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    I was buzzing around Prague today and saw this novel rental car:



    Not a bad idea although the roads can be a bit bumpy. The other trikes you see regularly here are just weird little scooters with another wheel up front:


    The big question is “Why?”. Need to have a go on one before I dismiss the idea of another wheel up front on a scooter, but can’t see the point of this for now.

    So, fancy a Thai massage? No, neither do I, but I really fancy a go in this. Looks like an old Trabant to me:


    Haven’t seen it move for a few days but if it does I’ll let you know if it still has the glorious 2 stroke engine they came with.  Did the later ones have 4 strokes, not sure?

    Finally, saw this battered Citroen CX Safari which looked really cool:


    I loved the look of these when I was first getting into cars and they just look madder than ever now alongside modern jelly-mould cars. I’d have one of these in the fleet parked next to the Trabant in the garage for sure.  ;D

    Off to take a few pictures of Prague’s wonderful Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture now to balance the holiday snaps (and so the wife doesn’t confiscate the camera).


    Interesting stuff there ID.

    The later Trabants did switch to four-stroke power…a 1.0 VW unit from the contemporary Polo. Not many were sold however before production stopped around 1991/2.

    That little trike did look fun, you should of had a go,,,would of been great for your back!

    The twin front wheel thing has been marketed by Piaggio for a few years now, They are sold here in the UK but I have only ever seen a couple. The dealer where my daughter got her moped from sells them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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