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    CAR journeys up and down the UK are to be monitored by police for the first time using a massive network of roadside cameras.

    A database of vehicle movements in Scotland will be linked to a new computer information warehouse being installed in London, allowing police to track journeys the length of Britain.

    The move has sparked fears among human rights campaigners of Big Brother-style intrusion into the lives of law-abiding citizens. But police insist the new UK-wide system will make it easier for them to hunt down drug-traffickers and other “most wanted” criminals.

    The network will use thousands of new cameras, as well as existing ones which are being converted to read number plates and covering all major routes, as well as towns, cities and petrol forecourts.

    By next March, a central database for England and Wales installed alongside the Police National Computer in north London will store the details of 35 million number plate “reads” per day. It will be linked to a Scottish database which was set up two years ago to carry out surveillance on known criminals.

    Each “read” is cross-referred against a list of suspect numbers, which in Scotland is believed to total around 6,000. Police say more cameras will be installed in the new year. Software will also be upgraded to ensure the two national databases can “talk” to each.

    As well as the most serious criminals, the database is also capable of tracking vehicles without a valid tax disc, MoT or insurance. John Scott, one of Scotland’s leading human rights lawyers, said more cameras meant a higher risk of abuse.

    He said: “If it is properly used then this can be a valuable crime- fighting and crime-detecting tool. However, with the expansion of any system of monitoring like this, there is increased scope for abuse. It’s not at all clear to me that there are safeguards in place to prevent this.”


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