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    GSF K1

    OK.. so now January is nearly out of the way, and Feb is a short sprint towards spring, who’s planning what for the comming season of fun and frolics?

    Personally, I’ll be heading to the BMF ralley in Peterborough (which I live in walking distance of), to pickup some leathers for summer riding. Desperately trying to save some bucks this year for my next proposed toy (a new ZX6R in spring 07).[^][:p][:D]


    OOOO do give more details about the BMF, I wanna get out an about more than I did last year, was hoping to do lots last year, but it didn’t happen, so I guess I will have to pull my finger out this year! [:p]

    GSF K1

    BMF Ralley is on the 20/21st May. Easy to find, look for peterborough on the map, on the A1, and follow the bikes. Check it out on the BMF web site as you can get a camping pass and make a whole weekend of it.

    GSX Rat

    from what i was told when 6 of us tried to book, you have to be a bmf member to camp there…


    Probably be going to South West Bike Show at Shepton Mallet…..If weathers good this year will be going to biker do up in North Wales….Rally come bar b que. Plus the usual bike meets……Lets hope we get loads of sun!


    I’m off to the Bulldog Bash again this year – its the 20th anniversary so should be even bigger and hopefully drier.


    Think I might to me test this year.


    Well I am just gonna have as much fun on a bike as is possible! No firm plans yet though I would like to go stay at my sisters do some more Welsh roads, would also like to go a bit further north than I have been and do Scotland too, have never been to Scotland before…finances will determine my plans.


    Must do more miles on bike this year, will try and get to more meets


    goin to france and lands end to john o groats .And try to get some of you southeners to come up to the north for a ride.[:D]

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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