Noisy bikers ‘destroy our peace’

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    Noisy bikers ‘destroy our peace’

    Residents have recorded videos of the bikers
    Residents of luxury flats overlooking Chelsea Bridge say their peace is being shattered by bikers every Friday night.
    Bikers have said they have been meeting at the bridge for decades. But a decade ago no-one lived there, now there are hundreds of exclusive riverside flats.

    Residents said bikers turn the bridge into a racetrack every Friday, thundering across until 0300 GMT and the police are not doing enough.

    Police said they are aware of, and are committed to tackling, the problem.

    We just want some enforcement of some basic laws

    Murad Qureshi

    Mitchell Feierstein, of the Chelsea Bridge Wharf Tenants Association, said: “I believe there’s going to be a huge accident where many people are going to be killed.”

    “I’m not a killjoy…but I suppose nobody would want this in their own front yard, especially until two or three o’clock in the morning.”

    Residents have shot videos of the scooter and motorcycle riders doing stunts and creating a lot of noise as they roar across the bridge.

    Murad Qureshi, a Labour member of the London Assembly, said the weekly meet was riding roughshod over attempts at traffic calming and increasing road safety.

    “We just want some enforcement of some basic laws,” he said.

    “This is all happening on a red route over Chelsea Bridge, it doesn’t make any sense to have this continue.”

    But Chris McClean, manager of Supreme Riders, said: “I think even the police would agree that the general riding public are law abiding citizens.

    “But there are a small group of people who want to show off and are giving the rest of us, unfortunately, a bad name.”

    Local police said they are aware of “anti-social motorcycling” in the area, but did not want to discuss what their plans to tackle the problem are.

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