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    Hi all, Steve, aka pigeon, I ride a SV1000sz. I hope to get to some meets & rideouts soon for a chat.[;)] Radar, I would like to add that although the FS1E yam is the cult moped now, the Suzi AP50 was the GUV at the time ! [:D]

    Pigeon (former AP50 rider, un biased of course)


    hehehe Hi Pigeon good to see yet another zook rider…..[;)]


    I had a rough time with my 4 mates, one had a FSIE (DX no less) and the other AP50’s.
    Meanwhile I had a Bloody Honda CB50J. I tried to dereestrict it, but it was not a patch on the strokers…..just had to have um on the brakes, and corners!

    I am sorry to say the the AP50 was the one to have…… god they were thirsty though!

    Hey welcome Pigeon, you’ve got me thinkin’ already….see you soon to Talk some more, AAAHH… Casrol… stories!


    Hi Thumper, I had a mate who had a SS50 Honda at the time, and was so obsessed with our 2 strokes he used to put a drop of oil in everytime he filled up. Did nothing for performance, but how he loved the smoke trail he left [:D]

    Gix, it’s agreed then, Suzi’s are STILL the GUV !!! [}:)] Titter ye not the rest of you. [:p]


    Hi Pigeon and welcome. Now the SS50 I could talk for hours on. Mostly to do with breaking down and rebuilding, but it was fun when it went. Agree the AP was a cool tool but the Fizzie was always the one to keep up with in my day.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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