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    General Lee

    Greetings ! I’ve just signed-up to this forum and would appreciate any advice/info/help on two scooters.
    I have fancied a Peugeot Jetforce Compressor for ages but I have never met anyone who owns one or has any personal experience of this machine. The very few that do come up for sale all tend to be very low mileage – is that because they are ” treasured classics ” – or because they are hideously troublesome ???
    The other scoot I fancy is a Lexmoto Valencia, which, being a Chinese machine, is held automatically to be rubbish. But no-one I ask about this scoot has actually OWNED one – they just presume they are rubbish because of their origins. The Valencia has been on sale for some years, originally as the Tommy, and they keep on importing it, so is it as bad as it’s critics say it is – or is it simply a case of
    ” it’s Chinese so it must be crap ” ???
    As for me, I have been a scooter enthusiast since 1966 when I got my first – a Triumph Tigress, which was a 250cc 4-stroke twin relic of the 1950s attempts by the dying British industry to cash in on the scooter craze of those years.
    This was followed by a Vespa GS160 and Lambretta SX150, complete with mirrors, crash-bars, carriers, flags etc., – all de rigeur for that era.
    I’ve also had a couple of Honda CN250’s ( aka the Helix ) which were magnificent scoots, if somewhat expensive new – £3500 in 1990, the same price as a CBR600 !
    Currently I have a BMW C1 200, which I use for commuting as well as fun runs when time ( and the wife ! ) allows such activities.
    Any help with the Compressor and the Valencia much appreciated.


    Welcome to the forum. To be honest I don’t have any experience of the  Peugeot Jetforce Compressor, but I do know somebody who bought a Lexmoto Valencia in 2013 (PM member Gix she got it for her sister). I am not aware of any trouble with it, but I remember thinking the panels were very thin.

    We have a good Scooter specialist here in Worcestershire, Readspeed, they are a Peugeot dealer and may be able to answer some of your questions regarding the Jetforce

    My daughter has a Piaggio Zip 50 2T, and while an Italian brand and carrying badges of the Italian flag it is in fact a Chinese assembled machine. She has it 2 1/2 years and done about 2000 trouble free miles locally. Quality of build is ok, but finish on some brackets is beginning to go, most notably on the rack bracket.

    Another member bought in a Pulse 125 bike on a 10 plate with only 4,000 miles on. That needed quite a lot of TLC…shot wheel bearings etc, but it looked good and rode ok for what it was when finished. OK not a scooter but an interesting insight into Chinese quality

    We have discussed Chinese quality on here before


    Hi and welcome to BikeMeet.

    I personally haven’t owned any Chinese bikes. Those that I see on eBay and the like are generally significantly cheaper than their Japanese or European counterparts but it seems that the quality of the finish leaves something to be desired when stacked up against the competition. I wouldn’t advise against buying one though, having never owned one personally. Given that their prices are so much cheaper, they may well be worth a punt and you may have cheap, trouble-free riding for years.

    Spare parts for Chinese bikes are definitely easier to get now than they were 10 years ago too. These machines may be less well known over here, but in China the volumes produced are often enormous, shaming many other manufacturers. Many people think that they are low volume bikes but this really isn’t the case. As Radar points out above, many Euro bikes are assembled in China so you may find that the bike you buy is from the same production line as a more ‘known’ brand.

    I’d be interested to know if you do get one how it stacks up.

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