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    New bike wheelie stunt proves fatal
    By David Braithwaite
    February 15, 2006 – 5:34PM

    A young rider who died after doing a “wheelie” in Sydney’s north west had only bought his high-powered 1200cc motorcycle the day before.

    Matthew Mork, 22, of Toongabbie crashed his new Kawasaki Ninja motorbike after losing control during a wheelstand at traffic lights, police said.

    Police said Mr Mork had been seen doing two “wheelies”, skidding after the second into a kerb and guard rail on Old Windsor Rd at Seven Hills about 8.15pm.

    A Kawasaki website calls the 1200cc Ninja model a super sports bike with “mind-boggling power” and that “only the most serious rider need apply”.

    Police said Mr Mork had only registered the bike the day before the accident and that he had a full motorcycle licence.

    The chief executive officer of Motorcycling NSW Rob Madden said 1200cc bike were beyond the control of inexperienced riders.

    “The speeds these bikes get so quickly they can break the speed limit on the road in first gear, they’re capable of close to 300kmh,” he said.

    “Inexperienced riders don’t have the experience to handle that sort of horsepower.

    “We restrict new people in road racing to a certain-sized capacity – people with less than two year’s experience are restricted to 750cc.

    “It’s just to give them an opportunity to gain some experience and gain some skills handling these big bikes because you can’t put an old head on young shoulders.”


    Interesting,put an unexsperienced rider on a 750 and that to could prove fatal too.At the end of the day its your brain that tells you what to do,you either live dangerously or be sensible.


    Not meaning to speak bad of the deceased an all, but what is he doing pulling wheelies on 2nd day of ownership?


    Hey, Matthew was en experienced driver!!!

    He was a racer as his father before him. It ran in the family!!

    You dare to speak ill of the dead!! If only you knew him like I did.

    Matty had saved and wanted that bike for an age!! and you know what, he got what he wanted and went out in style and that is just what he would have wanted!!!

    He was a mechanic, and he knew his cars and bikes inside out!!

    He lived his life to the fullest!! And it is such a traggic loss!!

    Shaz & Liz – “We will miss you Matty, you toe-rag”


    Always a tradegy to loose another human being so suddenly, especially a fellow biker. We all take risks, some we get away with some we don’t.

    RIP mate, there but for the grace of God…


    I can only appologise for any offence caused by my remark. My opinion on the topic was not meant to offend or upset any person. I personally enjoy riding and pulling stunts etc. I have ridden for quite a few years now and would never pull a wheelie on a new powerful motorcycle so soon after owning it, I’d wait till I was better aquainted with the machine.

    I wasnt meaning to be disrespectful and I am always saddened to hear of motorcycle fatalities. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    I do hope you realise that what I am posting here is sincere.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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