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    Overall 2006 has been the best year that I have enjoyed on bikes for many years. One of the most significant reasons for this has been my return to commuting by motorbike for most of the summer and autumn. On the face of it this not particularly exciting but crucially the kind of day in day out riding that really builds a bond with your bike and refines your skills as a biker. An integral part of this process has been getting to know my XJR1300SP and overall it has not disappointed, as the big Yamaha is proving to be a hell of a machine. At the end of a working day it can be really satisfying to just get on the bike and blast away the stress of a working day in the twisting ten-mile journey home. The XJR is no sports-bike, but the giant of an engine is so effortlessly assured in delivering a hard punch wrapped in a velvet glove. Quite addictive!

    But 2006 has been about much more than hacking to and from work with quite a few events and ride-outs punctuating the year. February saw the TBF meet at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham (the hub of known universe), and while the presentation of the exhibits is a little dry it is heart warming to see the once shattered facility up and running again. I meet some new people and was a good opener to the year.

    Norton racers at the National Bike Museum

    Red Marley astonishing Freak Hill Climb and the Goodwood Festival of Speed were other events I recommend that you try in 2007. The Festival of Speed whilst not focused on bikes or bikers, still plays host to a mouth watering selection of classic racing bikes that span the decades from the genesis of biking right up to the modern day.

    Red Marley Classic hill Climb

    Goodwood Festival of Speed

    The two inter-forum ride-outs I attended were both great fun, especially the Crossgates meet. I loved leading so many bikes from Crossgates to Bridgnorth over some of my favourite roads. Best of all I met a host of new friendly people. As ever the best thing about biking tends to be the bikers themselves!

    Inter Forum meet at Crossgates

    Other highlights have been “Grand Day Out” adventures to collect new bikes, with the day spent chasing up and down the contry with ID to get his CCM only to see it blow up within an hour!
    Riding my FZ600 in freezing December from Durham was not quite as much fun however!

    CCM trip goes Pete Tong

    Good old Little chef Olympic, collecting the FZ in chilly December

    My poor old Thundercat has been a bit neglected this year, but a few enjoyable rides have been undertaken. It is a cracking bike and I will keep it for now. My lovely CB250RS has moved on to B2BM after four years good service, but the FZ600 is filling the void it left admirably.

    Apart from my own bikes I have also managed a blast on ID’s KTM, which felt rather like riding a stepladder with a big engine to a short arse like me. Thumper’s recently acquired Ducati M600 Monster. That has rekindled a desire to own a Duke at some point.

    There are a few regrets, missing Ryan’s Ride, not getting to Bassetts Pole or any race meetings for example, but overall I can’t complain

    For 2007 I hope to address these regrets and do loads more besides. Here’s hoping that I have a even better biking time in 2007, and I hope the the members of this forum will play a big part in it.

    Happy New Year everybody!


    Happy New Year to you too mate:)

    I’ve been piling on the miles myself since taking the car off the road. Still hoping to trade it in for another bike! For some peeps my milage is nothing but I have covered 14k on my Trumpet since March and most have them have been worth the depreciation caused to my bike:D


    Any news on a new bike yet 247?

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