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    Unfortunately had pothole accident in Feb 08 when I was riding pillion to dave. Almost threw me off bike, holding onto Daves shoulders while I was flying like supergirl! managed to pull myself in, came crashing down on a 2 bar metal grabrail. End result lower front pelvis has caved inwards and there’s a step in me coccyx bone. I cant be put right cause of a crumbling spine. Cannot sit astride a bike anymore and I couldn’t even get my leg over bike. Dave wont get a trike not just that but my spine cannot take to hard a jolt because of spine and pelvis. I still want to ride but I cant Boo Hoo! So after 36yrs of biking am forced to give it up. But I’m still a biker in my heart! So all you guys and gals out there, you make the most of yer riding…..Barmy’s orders![:p][}:)]


    Tough decision and massively feel for you. Can take the person off the bike but cant get the biker out the person!


    I remember you saying about this…a real shame BC, but you are still biker babe to me!!


    That’s a real crap thing to have to realise, but I’d look on the bright side, Radars flirting a bit there ;)
    get the spanners out BC and have a go at fixing/building…it can sometimes be just as good…when things go right. Beats getting piddled wet through anyday :))

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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