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    A motorist who beeped and gave officers the thumbs-up sign as he drove past a police checkpoint has been fined £30.
    Police turned up at Nick Lenthall’s work to fine him for “unnecessary use of audible warning equipment”.

    The 47-year-old council highways worker said he had not been speeding when he drove past the officers in West Moors, Dorset, on Tuesday.

    He told the BBC News website that he now faces a disciplinary meeting with his council bosses over the incident.

    One wonders if the police haven’t got anything better to do

    Brian MacDowall, Association of British Drivers

    Mr Lenthall said he was very annoyed over the way the police had handled the situation and is now concerned Dorset County Council, his employer, may penalise him further.

    Police said they had issued a fine for a “minor traffic offence” but would not comment further.

    A police spokesman said: “Dorset Police can confirm that a fixed penalty notice was issued for a minor traffic offence to the driver of a Dorset Works lorry by officers engaged in road safety checks in Pinehurst Road, West Moors.

    ‘Waste of money’

    “The checks were being made following many complaints from the local community who were concerned about speeding vehicles along this road, which is currently part of a diversionary route.”

    Brian MacDowall, spokesman for the Association of British Drivers (ABD), said it was an example of “a police state acting in an arrogant and contemptuous manner”.

    He added: “One wonders if the police haven’t got anything better to do that they can’t take a humorous gesture as an example of humour and that they are just applying petty laws regardless of circumstances. It just beggars belief.

    “It’s a waste of taxpayers money and police time and all they have achieved is to make that person more antagonistic towards the police.”

    News Artcle

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