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    A 46-year-old motorcyclist has died following a head-on collision with a car in Lancashire.
    The man’s Kawasaki collided with the Toyota Corolla on Rosemary Lane in Bartle, near Preston, as the car was overtaking a stationary vehicle.

    Police said the man, from Broughton, suffered multiple injuries and was taken to the Royal Preston Hospital, but died a short time later.

    Officers are appealing for witnesses to the accident on Saturday afternoon.

    The 81-year-old driver of the car, who is from Fulwood, was unhurt.

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    I think the worry thing about this is that it involved an 81 year old driver who looks like he made a careless mistake, that caused the death of someone. Its begs the question should this particular 81 year old should have been driving at all.


    My Dad, a brilliantly safe driver for over 60 years gave up last year. He didn’t need to be told and made the decision himself and loosing a door mirror of his Rover 820 in a light impact. He took it as a warning and stopped driving, it is a shame, but he is actually happier and feels less pressured. Its a real tradegy this particular 81 year old did not show similar good sense. Whilst you can’t put a strict age limit on driving I think that actual driving tests should be redone every couple of years or so once past 70 or 75.


    soooooooooo wot age for a biker then[:D]

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