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    Just got back from Kos, Greece. I have never seen so many Scooters and bikes in all my life. Because of the hot weather (45 degrees while we were there, the bikes don’t have much rust and there were scooters from the 60’s still running strong!

    Everyone has a scooter and it wasn’t unusual to see a family of 4 on a 50cc twist and go. We saw dogs on scooters, people carrying crates of beer 3 high on the floor, one chap was riding with both legs in plaster!

    You could hire various size bikes, 50cc €7 per day and an African Twin €50 per day (about £35). I didn’t bother coz I was with a group of 7 and it would be a selfish induldgence, plus the fact that your holiday insurance won’t cover injuries caused by motorcyle accidents.

    No MOT’s on the island, helmets are required but no-one wears them including the police. 1700 Harleys on the island, saw many super motard, but not many sports bikes. Saw 5 of my bike, Honda Varadero.

    Unbelievebly some locals tune their Honda cubs with chrome everywhere, race exhausts and performance air filters. The best laugh we had was when we saw a Honda Monkey bike with a torch strapped to the headlight, jacked up rear suspension, power exhaust and an air filter that stuck out from the engine as wide as the handlebars! MAD!


    Sounds like a great place. Are the roads good or bumpy?


    I love the Greek islands for bikes. One of my best holidays was in Kefalonia where I hired a chunky trail bike and took the girlfriend around the twisty mountain roads. It’s where they filmed “Captain Corelli’s Yammy Twin” (well I thought it was funny anyway). I did hire a C50 when the money ran out but I scared myself a bit too much, so took it back and ended up with a Suzuki TS125 which was pretty good too. I’d love to do the same again soon, maybe on another quiet Greek island.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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