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    A new category of moped licence is being introduced on 19 January 2013.

    It will allow people aged 16 and over to drive so-called ‘light quadricycles’.

    These vehicles look and drive like a car, but are no more powerful than a moped and aren’t allowed to go faster than 28mph (45km/h).

    The Aixam Coupe S costs £9,999 new and the French firm hopes to sell 2,000 in the UK next year.

    Newsbeat invited 16-year-old Jack Hobson to try it out.

    See that here:



    Bahahaha! Sorry what!? 10k, so they will sell probably about none of those then…


    10 grand? I agree with Ben. That’s a sodding big amount of money! And isn’t car insurance based partly on value of the vehicle? So a 16 year old driver will pay £9999 for the car then still pay a grand of so for insurance


    I go quite often to France and always see quite a few Aixams on the road. I believe that you don’t need a licence to drive one, that was certainly the case a few years back.

    Not to pigeon-hole, but they are generally driven by drunken 80 year olds and everyone gives them a very wide berth on the road. I’ve followed more than a few that make straight country roads very twisty.


    Interesting but way too much money!


    Its a crazy price, when you can get a “proper” car for about £7000, a Nissin 1l Pixo

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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