Mini-motorbikes seized by police

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    Mini-motorbikes seized by police

    Police warn that more bikes could be seized in the crackdown
    More than 20 mini-motorbikes are currently locked up in police stores across the Thames Valley after a crackdown on illegal riders.
    Officers warn the number could rise as they continue their get-tough policy on owners using the bikes illegally.

    The mini-motorbikes cannot be used on the road unless the rider is over 16, has a driving licence, insurance and tax. They also need lights and brakes.

    The bikes have been seized during the crackdown launched at the end of 2005.

    Malcolm Collis, Thames Valley Police’s roads policing manager, said: “I can quite understand the attraction of these types of machines but all we ask is that people use them in a safe and legal manner with due consideration for other people.”

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