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    It has been way too long since a gathering of the troops, probably since the ‘Speed Build’ on my 550 back in March. So when I noticed that my local Indian dealer was having an open day it seemed like an opportune moment to put that right. So yesterday Karl, Toggs and Mike rolled up to my house to meet up for the brief ride over to Midwest Moto on the outskirts of Stourport. Toggs had dusted off his sublime Fireblade, Karl was on his booming Millie and Mike was riding his newly acquired (and very smart) Suzuki 1250 Bandit S.

    We dispatched the short run over to Midwest in short order, the ‘Switchbacks’ section being the most fun, although the showery summer means that care had to be exercised in sections under tree cover and some corners were pretty heavily mud and gravel strewn. This summer has not been the greatest has it? Midwest Moto is a dealer for the Indian range of bikes and has been operating for a couple of years now. It owned by a friend of mine and it is good to see a local business doing well and his open days are always a good do. There are usually classic and custom bikes on show as well the new machines, normally some top quality classic cars too, and that was certainly the case on this occasion as you see in the pictures further down.  We had not been there long when Stu joined us having ridden over on his BMW GS and later still Andy (aka Thumper) rocked up on Harley 1585. While another old mate of mine, yet another Andy (aka ‘Red leader’) was there already as he was leading some of the demo rides for people not familiar with Worcestershire’s leafy lanes.

    We had a great day checking out the bikes, listening to some good music from the rather excellent and gravelly voiced Blues man who was performing for the crowd. Stu got a ride on a 1200 Scout and came back impressed, although I think he not quite ready for the transition to cruiser riding yet. The lads had to head off after a couple of highly enjoyable hours. I enjoyed myself so much that I popped back later in the car with my family in tow. My brother and daughter both being particularly smitten with the Scout. Both will need to pass their bike tests in order to enjoy that machine. I think my brother actually just might do it. Another band was playing by now, also excellent and my brother treated us to a rather excellent beef and pork rolls…tragically they had sold out of salad….

    So well done to Mark and the team at Midwest Moto, another cracking Open Day and I think my brother might well be back in the not too distant future!

    Anyway….the pictures…

    Cool selection of bikes, my neighbours really seem to like the booming Aprilia and roariing Duke in particular…

    Midwest Moto

    Indian Scout, great colour scheme, nicely made bike

    The blues man, doing his thing

    Great variety of some very cool bikes rolled up from lurid customs to GP inspired strokers…a bike show for free!


    Even the four wheeled action was top notch from million pound Ferraris to diesel powered Hot Rods!

    Cuppa time!

    Stu heads out on the Scout demo bike

    I popped back later with the family where I caught them NOT having a salad…disgraceful

    I think that I might of just cost my brother a few quid!

    Blues and bikes, always a perfect combination

    Cheers to the lads and family for making it such an enjoyable day. The lads at Midwest will be seeing my brother again I rather fancy….



    loved the hotrods


    loved the hotrods

    One of them was propelled by a diesel engine (the red one) form a Land Rover!



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