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    Total disappointment to be concise! :(

    It was a tiny show squashed into an even tinier arena, with the amount of people there and the money they were charging the companies to have a stand they really could have done a far better event….. Was nearly £5 for a pint too… even MSV don’t charge that much at the BSB/WSB!

    When you factor in travel to the show and food it became an expensive day out with not a lot more there than you get at your local bike show room…. in fact less as Suzuki didn’t even have a stand (I guess due to the cost of having a stand?)

    These events will vanish altogether if the organisers don’t stop looking at them as fast easy money. Even the trade stands can’t offer that good a deal because the small discounts they offer at the shows are negated by the cost of getting there and back. Better deals can be had online from the comfort of your own home while supping on a bottle of red (that probs cost the same as a glass of it at the show)!

    Ok, rant over….

    I actually had a wicked day out even tho the show was utter shit, 13 of us went and had a right laugh on the way there and back, we got a bit split up during the show but did meet back up at the bar and it was really good to get out and do something as a big group :-)

    I didn’t take many photos and am missing my data lead so will try sort the few pics I did get later in the week when I have access to a lead.


    Pretty glad I didn’t go! Was a bit disappointed with the bike show at the NEC.


    I think the trouble these days is the internet…. we can get more choice and cheaper without actually leaving the comfort of our homes. Sooner or later we will regret this internet thing as it will eventually leed to the destruction of civilisation! lol


    I enjoy the classic shows these days that focus on 70/80/90s stuff, but they can be samey too

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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