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    With 55 accidents on the last big race day held there as part of the BSB calendar, there is now talk in the press about banning some catorgories from this charasmatic old track.
    Is the Nanny state going to far? Riders do know the score when they get on a race bike after all…

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    I know what your saying Radar but with todays superbikes getting faster and the lap times coming down,I do wonder if Mallory is a bit on the small side.The track itself is brill but because the points where so close this year in the BSB at Mallory the riders had to give it 110%.It`s the same for Knockhill up there in Scotland,the track is also small.Cadwell on the other hand is a fantastic track but is very dangerous as it`s the narrowest on the BSB calander.There`s been many a bad smash there most recently at the last meeting there.

    Take it easy out there

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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