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    Bikers Are Voters

    The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) and the motorcycle lobby needs riders to act urgently on targeting individual election candidates in the forth coming European, Local authority and London Elections.

    The “Bikers Are Voters” campaign is vital in not only seeking their views on biking issues but also helps form the views of the candidates by demonstrating the strength of feeling of the voters that ride bikes.

    Every candidate should know about MAG, know about motorcycling and realise that riders expect firm specific answers to the questions asked.

    MAG has made the task easy by launching the Bikers Are Voters website at each campaign section on the website explains and gives information on carrying out the task.

    As time is short replies may not be received until after the elections but MAG can use this information for future reference and will conduct a follow up campaign for those candidates who successfully take up office.

    MAG has used the launch of this concerted lobbying campaign to call for a Minister For Motorcycling. MAG’s Director Of Public Affairs, says, “The need to elect our own minister to promote motorcycling, to represent riders within legislative government has never been greater than it is today.”

    Political parties will be requested to field a candidate and a motorcycle manifesto. Riders will be able to decide who their political motorcycling champion would be by voting for the best candidate and as such this would give MAG the opportunity to call for an official Ministerial position within government.



    Operation Twistgrip, the campaign run by MAG in 1991-92, changed the way that politicians addressed the concerns of motorcyclists at the 1992 General Election.

    In 1996-1997 MAG followed this successful campaign with the launch of Bikers Are Voters and campaigned for policy change at Government level by targeting individual election candidates and seeking their views on biking issues. The political parties were made to realise that bikers had opinions which deserved to be listened to, had grievances which needed to be addressed and had votes which they were prepared to use. The result was that the three main UK parties published mainly pro-motorcycling policies and the new Government took motorcyclists’ views into account when it published its Integrated Transport White Paper. Motorcycling is now regarded in a more positive light in Government policy and motorcyclists’ views are now considered at the very highest levels of Central Government.

    Issued by

    Trevor Baird
    Director Of Public Affairs

    MAG UK
    PO BOX 750
    CV21 3ZR

    Best Regards
    Stuart XV16

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