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    Sounds pony poo to me, especially regarding the date, but this is doing the rounds here at work:

    This was on the radio this morning.

    We have been informed that as of the 1st April 2006, the new digital automated tracking system between junctions 3 & 7b on the M42 is scheduled to go live. There are 276 digital cameras which have been set to 2mph tolerance.
    You will not see any flash – the first you will know that you have been caught is when you receive the £60 fine!


    Well, when they were installing the cameras there was uproar, this was calmed cos they said they were ANPR cameras, not speed cameras, though why they need several “tracking” cameras between each junction is beyond guessing, whats an untaxed vehicle gonna do? fly off the motorway??? Welcome Big Brother and yet more Stealth Tax.[:(!]
    Think the date is definetly wrong though, they aren meant to be live till late summer….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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