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    The spring sunshine might of greeted me this morning as I dusted of the Thundercat in readiness for the run today, but it was a crisp and chilly in reality. Ses soon rolled up on his GS1200 and we made our way to the meeting point for the main group at the top of the Bewdley by-pass. Over the course of the next twenty minutes or so our numbers swelled to seven as the others arrived. Red Leader on F800ST (which is blue…), Thumper on his Harley, Mark on Multistrada, Al on another  GS and a chap on a R1 who I met and ridden with before but whose name eludes me.
    Blue Leader on his F800ST…our squadron leader for the morning

    Forming up

    Soon we off and picking our over the Worcestershire/Shropshire border country. The view over the sprawling vista from Clee Hill was absolutely stunning today, that crisp spring morning meaning we could see for miles. Up front ‘Red Leader’ on his ST was doing a Sterling job of keeping 7 bikes marshalled in a neat line. As usual Thumper was hustling along at a surprising rate of knots on his HD, despite a distinct handling dis-advantage to the other bikes in the line. He is just the same no matter what he rides seemingly!

    The roads were pretty clear as we headed through Craven Arms, skirted Bishops Castle and continued on our. The chap on the R1 had a mad fives minutes and that thing sliced across the country impressively sounding glorious as that flat plane crank engine sang through a pair of Akrapovics..

    All too soon we arrived at Lake Vyrnwy (Liyn Efyrmwy), which is a spectacular piece of Victorian engineering, completed in 1890 the first stone dam built in the UK. Here man and nature have worked well together, the people of Liverpool get plenty of water, and the countryside looks better if anything because it is there. Looking across the sweep of the dam is truly impressive. Those Victorians could sure cook!

    Some incredible engineering, and a R1…also pretty incredible!
    Impressive line up, and only two Japanese bikes, How long before we start to see Chinese bikes on these sorts of runs?
    Not a bad old view for a cuppa and bit of light salad
    Auditions for The Last of the Summer Wine…

    The tea room over looked the dam, it is a friendly little place I have used before, particularly when out with the guys from the Thundercat forum. We enjoyed tea, coffee, a little salad and teacakes (hard [email protected] us bikers) before continuing towards Bala. We took a narrow winding road, not much more than a track and car wide. the drops to your left almost Alpine like, as were the views. We were only going slowly, but bikes are perfect for this kind of terrain and the views all around were truly beautiful.

    What a cracking morning of riding. Before we reached Bala the group split in two, with Ses and Thumper joining me  as we headed for Welshpool. The pace quickened as the roads opened up and again Thumper impressed with his ability toi push the Hog along at a most undignified rate! More stops at Welshpool and the outskirts of Shrewsbury for more tea (wild, we are wild…). We finished off the day on the A458 from Shrewsbury to Bridgnorth. This, on the right day, is a fantastic road; fast, open and cutting through yet more stunning countryside. We did have a bit of a hreartstopping moment on this section: We came across another pair of bikes and tracked them for a couple of miles, then they cam up on a farmer in a tractor pulling a huge trailer. The first bike started to go past and then to all our horror the tractor and trailer went to turn into a gateway. The biker took to the grass and somehow missed him, God alone knows how. The indicators on the tractor were working, shame about those on the trailer.

    Other than this, this was the right day and we made great time to our final halt at cafe in Quattford for yet another cuppa.

    More tea vicar?
    There was a GT750 there, but this was more interesting!
    So was this!
    Ses heads for home on the GS
    I heard this one scream…

    What a brilliant day of  riding, cheers to all for coming out to play!



    Cracking day out on the bikes! Nice write up too.
    That tractor turning was a close one! Scary as I was thinking of overtaking the 2 bikes infront as they wern’t going all that quickly.


    lovely scenery :-)


    Really enjoyed the ride, social and your right up Radar
    Roll on the summer warmth

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