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    OK, I have been asked this time and time again, how to get knee scaping on the floor. Make no mistakes, at the lean angle you need for kneedown, the margin for error is slight, try it if you will, but this is just a guide, the way I learnt, and there are several ways/techniques, you try it at your own risk, slide your bike down the road, neither I nor forum will be held responsible for your actions.
    Now, you have been warned so lets get on with it…
    Ok, the first misconception is that you go round slower, that isnt always true, you cant get your knee down if you aint goin fast enough because its forward momentum which stops the bike from dropping to the ground.
    Secondly, most people think thats it just a case of shifting over on the seat and sticking your knee out, that is also a misconception, there is more to it than that. Firstof all, if you try to “just shift a bum cheek over” you will not get your knee on the deck, or then again you might….but will be swiftly followed by other body parts lol.
    1. Make sure your tyres are in good condition and not “square”
    2. Make sure those tyres are nice and toasty.
    3. Make sure there is no debris on the bend you are going to attempt it on. (roundabouts are the best place cos you can keep going round till you have it sussed, and the more you go round, the warmer your tyres will be)
    4. Keep going round the bend/roundabout tipping the bike further over each time without shifting any weight, when you think you cant get the bike over any more, stop and check chicken strips.
    5. Once you are going round right on edge of tyre, then you can work on altering riding position…
    a) position the bottom of your inside foot so it is against the heel plate (some people actually put toe on end of peg in this position and scrape toe sliders too)
    b) the toe of your outside foot needs to be on the peg, rather than the whole foot hanging down, so that your outside knee is hugging the tank and able to act as an “anchor”.
    c) There needs to be a little gap between your crotch and the bikes tank, lean over tank slightly, and shift bum cheek off side of seat.
    d) The next bit is a bit hard to explain, you need to shift inside hip forward in line with inside shoulder so that those 2 points of your weight are “leading”, (but without “twisting” upper body)and in this position you will be able to look round the bend instead of looking down at tarmac, and also helps you control angle of turn by “counter steering”.
    e) Now, staying in the above position, move knee out towards the tarmac, its hard work cos it will pull at the muscles on the inside of your thigh, and will pull the trapezius muscle across shoulders.

    YOU NEED TO TRY AND KEEP YOUR SPEED CONSISTENT – slow down and the bend will tighten and you will find yourself tipping bike back up, speed up and you will find you will tip bike too far over.

    Once you touch down you will wonder why you found it so hard, cos it isnt really, its all about how you position yourself on the bike, and how much confidence you have in your tyres, but remember to make sure you warm tyres nicely.
    Once you have touched down, you will, with practise, find better and more comfortable positions on the bike to do it, and you will find you wont need to alter position to such a degree once you have perfected it, the explaination above is how I learned, and doesnt suit all, and I will warn you once again, if you go out tomorrow and try it, you do so at your own risk, if you end up throwing your bike down the road….I am in no way responsible.[:D]



    Have to say it worked for me and after I couldnt understand why I found it so hard!

    Also relax when you are doing it as you wont be able to achieve knee down if your tense!

    DR Eprom

    the idea is not to have the bike too far over so if you do have to change angle there is room to do so, also it is advised to use the top half of your body ie: keeping your head staight and use your shoulders to make your lean rather than throwing the bike into the corner.
    if you plan to try this, try to do it with some one that is able to do it, follow him as he does it and modify it to your riding.
    make sure that you feel comfortable on your bike or have the suspention set up for your body wieght.
    ill be happy to teach any 1 to do it next summer.

    dr eprom

    dr eprom


    Can you teach me on my MZ ETZ 250? Seriously though, good article and I will have a go when it gets drier on my CBR. Cheers for the info



    Originally posted by hammy

    Can you teach me on my MZ ETZ 250? Seriously though, good article and I will have a go when it gets drier on my CBR. Cheers for the info

    where in UK are you hammy? I am no instructor but would be happy to come out with you and give you some pointers, its useful to have someone on the side of the road when you first try to tell you how far from touchdown you are, and safety in numbers too, you should come a ride with us….[:)]

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