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    Hey all.

    Now my bike is run in I’m opening it up and wanting to appreciate its full potential. Now the last 4 bikes I’ve owned; Hopnda VFR400, Ducati 750 Monster, CBR600, and now Triumph Speed Triple. All these should be capable of a bit of knee down action, ut I can’t do it???

    Admitedly the Monster had pish ground clearance and my VFR was a bit of a dog. But the CBR and Triumph should be well up for the task???

    With both I’ve found even with a smooth throttle that either the front (CBR) or rear (Truimph) slides away from me well before my knee goes down. I’ve tried hanging off further but just can’t seem to get it right.

    Where am I going wrong?

    Yes I realise knee down isn’t the fastest way round a corner. I’d just love to try it thats all!

    Thanks in advance.


    OK, first misconception is that you go round slower, that isnt always true, you cant get your knee down if you aint goin fast enough because its forward momentum which stops the bike from dropping to the ground.
    Secondly, most people think thats it just a case of shifting over on the seat and sticking your knee out, that is also a misconception, there is more to it than that. Firstof all, if you try to “just shift a bum cheek over” you will not get your knee on the deck, or then again you might….but will be swiftly followed by other body parts lol.
    1. Make sure your tyres are in good condition and not “square”
    2. Make sure those tyres are nice and toasty.
    3 Make sure there is no debris on the bend you are going to attempt it on. (roundabouts are the best place cos you can keep going round till you have it sussed, and the more you go round, the warmer your tyres will be)
    4. Keep going round the bend/roundabout tipping the bike further over each time without shifting any weight, when you think you cant get the bike over any more, stop and check chicken strips.
    5. Once you are going round right on edge of tyre, then you can work on altering riding position…
    a) position the bottom of your inside foot so it is against the heel plate (some people actually put toe on end of peg in this position and scrape toe sliders too)
    b) the toe of your outside foot needs to be on the peg, rather than the whole foot hanging down, so that your outside knee is hugging the tank and able to act as an “anchor”.
    c) There needs to be a little gap between your crotch and the bikes tank, lean over tank slightly, and shift bum cheek off side of seat.
    d) The next bit is a bit hard to explain, you need to shift inside hip forward in line with inside shoulder so that those 2 points of your weight are “leading” and in this position you will be able to look round the bend instead of looking down at tarmac, and also helps you control angle of turn by “counter steering”.
    e) Now, staying in the above position, move knee out towards the tarmac, its hard work cos it will pull at the muscles on the inside of your thigh, and will pull the trapezius muscle across shoulders.

    YOU NEED TO TRY AND KEEP YOUR SPEED CONSISTENT – slow down and the bend will tighten and you will find yourself tipping bike back up, speed up and you will find you will tip bike too far over.

    Once you touch down you will wonder why you found it so hard, cos it isnt really, its all about how you position yourself on the bike, and how much confidence you have in your tyres, but remember to make sure you warm tyres nicely.
    Once you have touched down, you will, with practise, find better and more comfortable positions on the bike to do it, and you will find you wont need to alter position to such a degree once you have perfected it, the explaination above is how I learned, and doesnt suit all, and if you go out tomorrow and try it, you do so at your own risk, if you end up throwing your bike down the road….I am in no way responsible[:D]



    Failing all of that, ask toggsy about kneesliding…..swiftly followed by shoulder….head…..thigh etc[:o)][:o)][:o)]


    I really don’t know where I’m going wrong. For a start my pegs are decking out and my tyres are brand new (well 1800 miles old) I think I’m just a funny shape!

    I posted this on an other forum and to be honest I got a high and mighty response so its nice to get some help rather than “dont do it you hooligan” Yes the public road is risky, manholes, cars etc. I wouldnt ever do it on a busy road or one I don’t know like the back of my hand.

    Anyway cheers GIX was well written and I will try harder!


    If your pegs are decking out it may be that they are low. If your position on the bike is correct for kneesliding then your knee will touch down first, unless as I say, your pegs are low.[;)]
    Dont try too hard mate, that may be your problem.[;)]


    What tyres do have on the bike?


    dont know what tyres are on it. they in good nick tho and have only done around 1800 miles. They are oe 9what came with the bike) and are brill for feel etc. When the rear goes on max angle its fast so I guess I’m falling off the edge of the tyre. Its all predictable tho and a quick dip in throttle or reposition my body puts it all upright again. Not scary just annoying.


    LOL 1800 miles and I am getting ready to buy a new rear, front lasts a bit longer tho![:I]


    lol, I have been running it in!

    Anyway screw knee down, I want elbows down lol (kiddin)


    Just in case you fancy popping the odd wheelie to celebrate your first knee down moment!

    as for getting your elbow down (and staying on!) check the picture on P134 of BIKE Magazine (June 2006) where Jeremy McWilliams is doing just that on GP bike.



    Are you going for the elbows next Gix? Some pretty sound advice on the knee-down masterclass there, hope it helps you Pete. I’m far too rusty to try that, takes me a while to get back into normal cornering after driving the van.

    Great pic Radar, think if he got any more horizontal he’d fall off to sleep!



    Originally posted by imperialdata

    Are you going for the elbows next Gix?

    Nah mate got no sliders on me elbows…..[;)]


    Ok Pete, just looked at pics of your bike, and you look like you have plenty of clearance with regards to pegs. But those tyres… have the dreaded Michelin Pilot Sports by the looks of it, I had them on the K2 when I bought it, take forever to warm and yes they slide, predictable slides as you say but they dont really instill confidence. It does look like the profile has gone a bit flat too, not flat enough to prevent you from kneesliding, but it wont help, especially with pilot sports being prone to slide too.


    I went out this evening to Bury Hill and back via a couple of quiet round-a-bouts. I think its my technique rather than the bike. I can lean it right over as I say till either the peg scrapes or my toes do depending how I’m positioned. But for my knee to get close to the deck I have to have my left knee hooking the seat and my left foot cant reach the peg then. So for now, to be safer I’ll keep my feet on the pegs an just enjoy what I know I can do. As my knowledge of the bike builds I’m sure I will manage it in the future.

    I like the tyres on the bike they seem to warm up quite quickly (within 8 miles)All the phots I have posted of the bike are from when it was brand new or a couple of weeks old so the tyres had only done a max of 600 miles none of them motorway at that point mainly town and twisty back roads plus I was running it in gently so they shouldnt have had any noticable wear????


    On the one pic the profile looks like its flattened out but that may be the angle pic was taken.
    Beware Pete, I had pilot sports on the K2, they took alot longer to warm up sufficiently to kneeslide than the tyres I use now and nearly as long as the dunlops used to, even when the weather was still warm when I first bought it.

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