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    Join the BMW Motorrad ‘New Season Launch’ celebrations
    Spring is fast approaching, the nights are getting lighter and the BMW Motorrad UK dealership network is preparing to welcome yet another busy motorcycling season.

    On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, BMW dealer showrooms will officially host a double celebratory welcome as this year’s eagerly anticipated BMW K1200 GT and R1200 GS Adventure models are launched for sale to the public. But it doesn’t stop there.

    All dealer visitors will have the chance to acquire a new R1200 GS Adventure motorcycle – for free. By simply completing the special competition form at any time during the course of the New Season Launch weekend (and for a limited period after) one lucky biker will become the proud owner of BMW’s latest long-distance travel enduro.

    Bringing out a replacement for the legendary R 1150 GS Adventure was always going to be a huge challenge, but judging from the initial reviews the all-new 1200cc version has generated all over the world, BMW’s new globetrotting enduro won’t be staying in dealer showrooms for long. Sporting many new and improved features, a significant power and torque increase, and even more off-road ability than before, the new Adventure is sure to continue the GS’s domination of the adventure sport category.

    From one warm welcome to another, the brand new 152 hp K1200 GT will be sharing centre stage alongside its Adventure companion throughout the launch weekend. A brief look at its specification list confirms that BMW Motorrad’s new Gran Turismo has been well worth waiting for. With 152 hp, the K 1200 GT’s engine has already found fame in the 167 hp K1200 S superbike and 163 hp K1200 R naked roadster. But now it will help power a true touring machine as well.

    Compared with its predecessor the new K1200 GT has many new features, including 17 per cent more power, 11 per cent more torque, and a larger fuel tank giving it a longer range. Adjustable handlebars and a brake pad wear indicator system are both new too. The list of options includes BMW’s Electronic Suspension Adjustment.


    I’ve seen the new 1200 gs adv,prefare my 1150 gs adv any day.
    The new 1200gs adv is more like a 1200gs a bit of a con dont you think.[^]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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