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    Well some of you lot are into older bikes as well so here is this evenings exploits in the shed. The reaosn for doing it is that the headgasket went on the old GS550 lump and a new headset is 55 quid and I got offered the known good GSX600 engine for 40 notes. And also the 550 put out only about 45 hp and the 600 is approx 70.

    well regular readers may remember me making noises about sticking a GSX600 lump into a GS550 a few months ago, today I got bored of tripping over the GSX6 lump in the shed all the time so………….


    As you can see the lump is in. And amazingly enough it all fits really surprisingly well. You need to take the sump and oil strainer off to give enough clearance to lift in into the frame and then bolt it all back on afterwards.

    The front engine mounts almost exactly line up and so does the bottom rear one, couple of new spacers required (or some washers depending how botrhered I feel about it all)

    The tank even fits back and clears the top end, which is surprising as its a fair bit taller.


    The old lump is much smaller and narrower at the top end than the GSX one, much. And I can tell you they are both heavy when you are lifting by hand and on your own,

    The old lump looking lonely……….


    So thats its for now, its looking good, the chain run is almost spot on straight off, the frame looks like it will allow the bolting on of downpipes without any fouling.

    I hope the carbs all fit in the space left ;D

    Another 3 months and i might stick the carbs and loom etc from the GSX on :) If i dont stumble accross a 750 ‘donk’ in the meantime.


    Good project here. How is it progressing Stinkwheel?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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