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    alright chaps. it has indeed been a while but i am back (for how long i dont know) long list of reasons why i vanished, moving house 3 times, work being busy and all those sorts of reasons no one gives a toss about so yeah. back to business…

    Bandit 1216 Streetfighter status: still in pieces not gotten anywhere.

    CBR900RRS cleaned thoroughly, new chain and sprockets, ready for MOT, tax and insurance. over winter will be stripped again and maybe not put back together. or for sale for right money £1650 ish.

    CBR600F (my first big bike) fettled and ready for sale £1350

    Aprilia RS125 still not finished for my mate.

    Triumph Daytona 650 in pieces ready to rock.

    Acquired another Aprilia RS125 for spares…£50 bargain!

    RG125 ready to sell as a project for someone with some time on their hands.

    and may shortly have a yammy RD125LC to finish for my sis who has had it for 11 years and done naff all with it…tut

    how are we all doing?


    Very well thanks Ben, wondered where you’d been. Seems like you have been collecting bikes for a living!

    Is the Bandit on the cards for a finish this year?


    Welcome back mate


    Good to see you again bud and the collection is still growing!


    Welcome back mate


    heya [:)]


    ta, yeh just seems to have happened. when youre meant to be getting rid of bikes to make space u seem to get more. the bandit is not on the cards this year unfort. tis a bit of a shame but these things happen, once again need to free up some dollar first. :(

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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