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    More than 100 scramblers caught illegally riding in a Lake District beauty spot have been warned they could have their motorbikes confiscated.
    In recent years the old quarry site at Faulds Brow near Caldbeck has been plagued by scramblers and fly tippers.

    Now the Lake District National Park Authority has launched a campaign to tackle the problem.

    Tippers are warned they face £20,000 maximum fines for dumping waste and scramblers could lose their bikes.

    Lake District National Park Authority ranger Graham Standring the beauty spot was also being ruined by builders dumping waste.

    ‘Eyes and ears’

    He said: “This is a beautiful area with views over the Caldbeck Fells and Solway coast, but has been blighted both by fly tipping and illegal motorbike scrambling over the last couple of years.

    “Scramblers are also disturbing grazing livestock. Both police and Allerdale Borough Council have been very supportive in our attempts to crack down on these harmful and very anti-social actions and we hope the hard-hitting penalties will act as a deterrent.”

    Mr Standring has recently spoken to 100 scramblers and told them they are contravening road traffic, wildlife and countryside rights of way.

    He added: “A polite warning usually sees them off and we have now got the support of the public who are acting as our eyes and ears and letting us know when they spot illegal activities.”

    GSX Rat

    Yeah because if you rip up a bit of grass with a bike, itll never grow back will it – still im sure the coppers will be happy when all the kids are off bikes and back to hanging round on street corners and mugging old ladies

    Anti social actions my ar$e….



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