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    3.5 hours to travel the 45 miles home from work today in several inches of snow.

    Unbelieveably I saw no less than FOUR bikers out and about! There was a BMW K100RS at work, a Kawasaki ZX6R going southbound on the M42,  a bloke on a SV650 on the M5 riding VERY slowly on the hard shoulder with his feet down and finally a 600 Bandit left abandoned in a lay-by as I approached Hagley between Brum and Kidderminster.

    Many moons ago I have ridden in similar conditions, I was poor young and stupid (I am now poor, OLD and stupid…), it is the most miserable way of spending time! Why???

    I also spotted a Porsche Cayanne Stretch Limo out in the snow!!




    if I had a dirt bike/supermoto/125 I’d go out and play, but not ride to get anywhere I don’t think lol


    In a random conversation… I think car drivers should take skid control lessons as part of their driving.

    Stabbing between throttle and brake is not the right way to get through a corner! smooth and steady wins the day.

    Swindon Andy

    A half day session on a skid pan was great fun and taught me a lot. I would recommend it.


    Very brave or stupid riding out in the snow.if yer front tyre slides then you got know control ;)( I know cause when we were going into a sharp corner there was a load of diesel in the road, front tyre was gone and it was sheer luck we stayed upright ;)) My carer was out in her car slid round the bend and nearly hit a stone wall, she pulled to one side to stop and collect herself and just seconds after a bike did the same thing accept he hit the wall. She said other motorist had stopped to help him, but she didn’t know if he/she was ok? Flippin hope so. ;)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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