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    Swindon Andy

    We’re in Scarborough for the weekend, by car. The sea front here is a great place for bikes. The trouble is, although there’s hundreds of bikes, they all look superb. Even the old bikes look brand new. There isn’t a working dog of a bike anywhere to be seen. I know if I came up on the old Trophy I would feel embarrassed parking it amongst them. Should I? Or maybe time already to upgrade.


    I don’t think you should feel embarrassed at all, neither of my bikes are perfect but it really doesn’t bother me. If your happy with it then thats all that matters.
    I have seen the Trophy and its pretty tidy


    Some Bikes look better Filthy For example an 1100 or 1150 BMW GS.


    Trophy looks Ok to me

    Swindon Andy

    Thanks, I feel a bit better about the old bike. You should have seen the Scarborough turn out though. They must be minted or else plenty of time on their hands. Every bike looked perfect.


    if ya bike ticks the boxes you require stuff what others may think. :-)


    Don’t worry about it matey, Scarborough is a frequent destination for me n the boys, we don’t have anything fantastic, just think though, a lot of these prestine bikes are prob on finance anyway ;)


    Andy – I vowed not to (willingly) ride through harsh weather again after doing it for a couple of years when I first started biking. My riding is purely for pleasure these days but I definitely admire the more ‘used’ bikes, old bikes and the die-hards who ride them through all weathers. It boils down to personal preference really I guess.


    There is a tendancy to over restore things to a point where the bikes are better than they were even when new. A patina of use gives the bike a back story and adds character. A bike should wear its’ miles with pride


    My bike isn’t the biggest, the quickest, the cleanest; it has crash damage on the fairings and exhaust and a big scuff mark on the fuel tank when I dropped it in the garage, but my bike still puts a grin on my face every time I go out on it.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Swindon Andy

    Thanks all. you’ve helped adjust my thoughts on this one.
    Mind you, I do like the look of FJRs – maybe my next possible, but still plenty of Trophy riding this season yet.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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