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    Saw this lot on ITV4 programme ‘The Bike Show’

    Genuiely inspiring:


    Yep, looks a nice idea, getting disabled bikers back on bikes. Big thumbs up for that.


    Brilliant idea, sure will be great for alot of peeps


    Good thing to be doing but its only what NABD have been up to for the last 20 odd years so imho if you really think its a good idea & want to help join NABD or at least go to some of the fundraisers  ;D


    Yes about 15yrs ago they helped Dave by adapting his bike, Cant remember their names… Ooh I remember now, one was called Martin. but NABD had a stall at Beaulieu and we helped out for a while and got the person to take photographs of our bike to give to Rick, then i sent a letter to NABD saying our thanks for everything, but it meant we could ride again, it was like getting our life back! Unfortunately now Dave’s gone cant ride again. I wouldn’t be allowed to ride as the pilot cause of the medication I’m on. BOOO HOOO! :'( I miss biking so much! Mind you a bloke did give me a ride on his dragstar, but had to find a high pavement so I could get my leg ova hehehehe Lol am only a short arse ;D Do you know I cryed with happiness on that ride…I also told him not to be shy on the throttle er hum  ;D I had a permanent grin on my face all that day and night  ;) Friggin fantastic getting on a bike again ;D ;D ;D :P

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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