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    Sorry to say this 3D card was sold within days of making it ;) 3dCards005.jpg
    Again this is a 3D card I made3dCards002.jpg
    3D card Jwellerypartyandlatesthandmadecards029.jpg
    yet another 3D card 3dCards009.jpg
    I hope to be making some more bike related 3D cards. so watch this space. Or if you have a photgraph of yourselves with your bike as long as there’s some scenery behind you I can make you a personalised 3D card. Just post the pic on here then I can copy it. I do allsorts from fairies to wizards and dragons to flowers or scenery animals soon more bikes ;)


    and now for some jewellery ;)  Pandora style bracelet (not genuine pandora) Bracelet12.jpg
    Key charm or bag charms Bagcharm2.jpg
    This is just a fraction of the stock I have, its just a rough idea of what I make!


    Forgot to say, I never repeat my work, so you will be getting a unique item ;)


    Really nice stuff there Carmy! Will put the word about and some of the girls I know would love those bracelets


    The bracelets are not genuine Pandora, if it was you would be looking at least £700. But i sell mine for £15 plus postage cost. The bag/Key charms are only £3.00 plus postage. But deffo going to try more bike related  3D cards. I have loads of stock of both cards and jewellery. Although in the last 4 weeks have sold at least 40 cards, so they have gone quite quickly.  If someone is interested then will PM my Telephone No. etc Thanks Ses ;)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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