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    GPS SPEED camera warning systems are 100 per cent legal,” says the transport minister.

    Dr. Stephen Ladyman confirmed the decision during the second reading of last week’s Road Safety Bill in the Commons and even admitted to using a GPS system himself, stating “The device has made me a better driver.”

    This decision will clarify confusion between the use of GPS systems, which use satellite technology to pinpoint your vehicle’s position and compare it with the system’s database of speed camera locations, and laser ‘detection’ systems, which simply detect some types of speed camera. Laser systems are expected to be banned under the new bill.

    Nigel Carter of Talex, one of the leading GPS speed camera warning systems welcomed the news, but warned motorists, “drivers need to be careful before spending – in some cases – a great deal of money.”

    “They should be absolutely sure that they purchase a GPS speed camera warning system if they want to stay completely legal in the future and they should check that the system does not include a laser detector.”

    Far from an excuse to speed with confidence, GPS systems also use visual and voice warnings to alert drivers to schools and accident black spots. The makers hope that once the bill is passed, GPS systems will decrease accident rates as well as saving users licences.

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