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    I think this belongs in here for the reason that it’s going to take a lot of effort to get it right and performing like it should so yeah :)

    Sooo here we go, my M Reg CBR900RRS Fireblade “Vicky” has had some issues with this and that over the time I’ve had her and she conked out. (suspected electrical failure) instead of just fixing it she got tinkered with, I can’t leave anything alone, but you already knew that anyway!

    While the standard 893cc engine does have enough poke for most people, me being a massive giant tends to slow things down a bit so feebay it was! Purchased the next model up engine which has a displacement of 919cc, obviously while that doesn’t seem like a massive improvement it does make a massive difference at the same time.

    The benefits are:

    Bigger capacity.
    Speedo sender doesn’t take off the sprocket cover.
    the carbs have a TPS so should hopefully encourage it to work better.
    And parts are easier to find. Bonus!

    Without boring everyone too much, the engine is going to be stripped down, all bearings and seals will be replaced, I’m going to measure everything to make sure it’s all hunky-dory, if it’s out of tolerance it will be replaced. Gearbox will be undercut if it’s not already, a new shifter kit will be fitted to sort out the clunky gearshifting, 1063cc JE forged pistons, stainless valves, piper high lift cams blah blah. In the time I’ve not posted a great deal I’ve been watching tutorials on everything to do with building, so less the ‘boring’ out the rest will be done myself.

    There will be no rush with this as I have a working engine already in the bike so I can be spanking that around while this engine gets built on the bench. Less typin’ more spanner spinnin’

    In case anyone is interested I’ll be taking photos and explaining what I’m doing as I go along. I may even get some videos going of valve seat grinding ;) the most boring thing you will ever watch :p


    shove ya vids and pics p as you get them mate, sounds like a nice project :-)


    Yep will do Pete. It’ll be as and when though. Working security in London In a weeks time so will be if and when I return alive :p


    It was rumoured to have Kent cams fitted, as soon as I got it to the workshop the Cam cover was off……..and……..wait for it………no Kent cams :(

    They might have been welded and reground but I won’t know til I whip them out. Still saved £400 on the engine anyway so who cares!?


    Here she is then. My £100 engine, it’s not much to look at but you may notice it has an extra hole. Look closely. Obviously when I bought it that’s all the damage I thought it had so a £20 bottom crankcase would have sorted it out into a good un’ WRONG AGAIN!!



    Took the ignition cover off, and there was my hole secluded to the bottom crankcase only, but then it hit like a knife in my back, some absolute tool has over tightened the cover so much, it’s snapped the casting away and then snapped the the bolt in the last 10mm (the only 10mm left) of the case, so it’ll have to be a new set of crankcases now..blah! The bolt could be drilled out but as it is, I’m still missing 10-15mm of thread so it’s not acceptable! Still don’t care, engine was still a bargain ;)


    Any more progress Ben?


    Nooooo! I’ll update when I have done something :p I’ve been working away in London trying to make some brass

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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