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    my bad point is traffic, i’m not courtious i ride to fast through it.(i just want to be in front)
    my good points, errrrrrrrrrrr i know my limits[:)]. Lost count how many mirrors i’ve clipped.


    Getting caught in the rain[:(!] Bad!
    The Adrenalin rush that you get[:p]Good!


    Bad point – too aggressive with the throttle (I tend to snap it open rather than be smooth and progressive)meaning I go thru rear tyres as if they are chocolate lol and not much easier on chains either hehehehe also means I have had one or two er……bum clenchin moments.[:o)]
    Good points? I ride pretty much like a bloke would ride so its quite novel when I fly past other bikers on the way to a meet and then they see I am a mere girlie.[:D] Actually is riding like a bloke a good point or bad point?[:0][}:)][:o)]


    Bad points – My riding, fullstop.

    Good Points – Still alive when I get there. Hoping for some more good points in time.


    Good points: I ride very smoothly so I am told by my pillions.
    Bad Points: Crap on the brakes, don’t like upsetting the balance of the bike. Like most of us I probably go too fast in certain situations.

    GSF K1

    I get impatient when cars dont get out of the way and I start “gesticulating”.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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