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    Heya, thought i better pop in and take care of the pleasantries :)

    My names Paul, after a few years without a bike (Had a 4 year gap after an accident on a GSXR) i’ve just treated myself to an ’08’ R6 (after a nightmarish Subaru ownership experience), such a nice bike but just having to relearn how to ride as the last thing i spent any real time on was a KTM Enduro (Which was ever so kindly leant to me for a while, awesome bike!) and the riding style for that wont be compatible with the R6! (although rear tyre spinning with the front one off the ground could be debated as the perfect 600 riding style) So really just easing myself into sportsbike ownership again nice and gently, i’m sure it’ll all come back in no time at all :)



    glad we finally got the IT issues sorted and got you on the forum mate, love ya R6…. and what kinda an idiot would lend you a KTM? ;) lol :D

    Hope to join you on silly 600 ownership by the end of the year! :)


    Ahh a fellow Yamaha owner, loving the R6 and glad you are getting back into biking again.

    Take a look around the site using this link:

    be great to hear how you get on over the summer


    Hi Paul, see you made it!  Great bike  ;D


    Welcome Paul, lovely bike. I miss my KTM so much when I want to vent my anger over something, they really are great for that and have a very different riding style.


    Thanks all  :)

    And Pete, your more than welcome to throw your leg over her and see how she fits ;)


    cheers dude, may well take you up on that :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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